Bacon and Beer Festival Attracts Hundreds

Breakfast meets happy hour at the third annual Bacon and Beer Festival.

The 21-and-over event showcased craft beers and bacon dishes from Philadelphia and beyond.

The aroma of bacon and beer brought hundreds of people to the 23rd Street Armory.

The perimeter of the Armory was lined with tables from different restaurants cooking and serving their bacon dishes.

Breweries settled in the center of the hall ready to serve their selected craft beers.

Bacon and beer enthusiasts packed the room to taste those creative craft beers and bacon foods from nearly 50 vendors.

Bacon and Beer FestivalFran Barker dressed in a bacon costume to commemorate the event.

“It’s a very good time. Lots of beer. Lots of delicious bacon food… And luckily I’m not being served,” Barker said.

He was exceptionally happy to try the selection of craft beers.

“All the beer vendors came out and did a great job bringing out their A-game,” Barker said. “There’s not serving of Miller Light or Bud Light. They have a lot of great craft brews here.”

The local restaurants incorporated bacon in different ways from pastries and cookies to jams and pastas.

Expressions on attendees faces showed pure satisfaction.

One attendee tasted her favorite of the festival early on in the afternoon.

“I had a bacon chocolate chip cookie earlier and it was probably the greatest thing I ever put in my mouth. Not gonna lie,” Megan Silk said.

Attendees had the option of voting for their favorite dish and beer.

The winners of the “Beast in Show” were Philadelphia’s Good Dog Bar and Allagash Brewing Company from Portland, Maine.

All proceeds from the event went to MANNA, the Metropolitan Area Neighborhood Nutrition Alliance.


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