Helping Cats

With Spring right around the corner, one Temple professor is doing her best to support our neighborhood’ feline friends.

“If you are a student, or if you live in our neighborhood, you know there are cats everywhere. So, our mission here is to spay and neuter all cats, which includes Trap, Neuter, Release –  short-handed as TNR,” says Cathy Liu, an adjunct professor at Boyer College of Music.

Temple Cats was originally created as a Facebook group by Terri Martin, a former Temple employee in January 2010

Since then, Liu, who currently runs Temple Cats, has turned it into a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping cats in the Philadelphia Area. It provides guidance and help to local feeders and students who happen to come across stray cats.

According to Cathy, TNR  (Trap, Neuter, and Release) is the most humane approach for managing the current stray cat population.

The organization teaches members how to trap cats humanely, provides access to  free spaying locations, and releases the cats back to their respective territories. Temple Cats also  provides information on free vaccination locations.

The organization utilizes its popular Facebook page to report cases and run charity events. The group currently has over 3000 members. Its growth has allowed them take on 12 feeding locations currently.

One of the locations is Temple Community Garden.

For more information, visit the Temple Cats Facebook page here


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