Tom Llamas inspires young journalists in a bilingual discussion

ABC News anchor and correspondent Tom Llamas inspired students and young journalists at Esperanza College in North Philadelphia as he shared advice and discussed his career in two languages. 

He stressed the importance of diversity and bilingualism in the newsroom throughout the discussion. 

“Diverse newsrooms are the best newsrooms because that way communities are fully covered,” Llamas said. “You have every angle covered, every community covered, and when you fo that your product just becomes better. Also, the way you look at stories and the way you attack stories changes becuse you hear from everyone at the table.”

This bilingual chat was held by the newly-formed Philadelphia chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists in partnership with TUTV.

This new chapter will boost local students’ networks, according to Dr. David Hurtado, Esperanza College’s Media and Communication Program Director: “Organizations like the NAHJ and the Philadelphia chapter are vital because there’s a new generation of journalists coming up that are from here from North Philadelphia.”

This organization hopes to inspire Hispanic Journalists in the community to tell stories that are particular to their community. 

“We are the bridge between the community or the people and their reality or the power,” writer Carlos José Pérez Sámano said.

His initiative, Writing to Stop Discrimination, which encourages immigrants living in Philadelphia to share their stories, is an examples of the significance of projects made for and by the diverse community.

“If people are able to tell their stories they are not only empowering themselves and becoming more responsible about their fate, but they are also getting together and they are getting more united,” Pérez Sámano said.

Attendees left the event feeling motivated by a family-like network created by the new NAHJ chapter.


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