Greeks Throwback to the 90s


Members from different Greek organizations came together for Temple University’s Greek Showcase. During the event, every sorority and fraternity on campus collaborate and compete in a dance competition.  It brings together all organizations before the spring semester competition.

Unable to have the show last year because of scheduling difficulties, Temple University Greek Association President Daniel Roper talks about striving to make this years show different. “This year was something we really wanted to bring back, because last year we didn’t have Greek Showcase. So we really wanted to get everybody involved and to come out. So when we sat down it was really how do we get everybody to come together in an event like this” Roper said.

Greek showcase acts as a precursor to spring semester’s Greek Week, which “ is more competition based, [students will] be able to fall back on this and definitely know people in other chapters.”

One of the dancers for the showcase, Emily Simons, talks about the positive impact Greek Showcase has made. “It’s awesome backstage, all the Greek orgs bonding over the event and it was a really nice way to show Greek unity” Simons said.

According to Sasha Aronzon, the Director of Greek Week for T.U.G.A., “The event could actually get bigger and bigger each year, I think this means Greek unity. The future years getting more people excited when they see other orgs perform getting inspired by their performance. And next year hopefully more orgs participate. So it gets bigger each year.

Once all performances finished, the event ended with crowd members coming up on the stage to dance while the judges collaborated.

The winners for this years Greek Showcase are Delta Phi Epsilon, Kappa Sigma and Phi Kappa Tau.

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