Temple Hospital Vaccinates Healthcare Workers

Invitations of hope has been given to 18,000 Temple Hospital employees and health care workers to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

On December 16, Mary Ellen, A Practicing Nurse at Temple Hospital has been one of the first three healthcare workers vaccinated.

“People think this was rushed forward, but there was a process and it’s safe to get,” said Ellen.

Around 65 percent or ten to twelve thousand healthcare workers within Temple have been vaccinated.

Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer for Temple Health and Temple University Hospital, Tony Reed, has said it had taken six weeks and four locations in the Health Science campus to immunize the workers vaccinated so far.

“There was a lot of extreme happiness, particularly in the first few weeks for those people who were first in,” Reed has said. “They are the ones who had been living the last year in a COVID unit.”

The amount of workers vaccinated has been running at two-thousand vaccinations a week, but that number has gone down to one-thousand, due to the city’s relocations of vaccines.

Reed says the process is running well and there are only minor hiccups when it comes to increasing the volume of people who need the vaccine.

While healthcare workers continue to be vaccinated, the hospital is also starting to roll out vaccinations to their patients. Ellen says she trusts the process.

She had been notified through email like most other workers, and from there, tracked with her Temple ID and Health Portal associated with her.

“If I have the vaccine and I have immunity built up, then hopefully if I come in contact with it, I won’t be bringing it home,” said Ellen.

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