Anderson and Gladfelter Renovations Coming to an End

The new renovations at Anderson and Gladfelter halls are coming to an end with a furnished lobby, high definition screen, and roof-top terrace.

The main entrance of both buildings is now open to students and staff. Pollett walk is also now open to walk through from 11th street to 12th street.

The new lobby in Anderson Hall welcomes students and staff to sit, study, or hang out, as long as Covid-19 guidelines are followed.

After being closed for a year, the new terrace creates a new space for students to hang out, meet-up, or enjoy the good weather.

Senior Kaitlyn Lesh, says that “I think it would be nice to, like, hang out up there, maybe like just like different scenery, other than Beury Beach or just the basic stuff so like just gives more space.”

The terrace will also be used for Temple events since it is over fifty thousand square feet. Accessibility is no longer a concern when getting up to the terrace with a new elevator.

Outside furniture and gardening will be added to the terrace soon, just in time for the spring.

“I think that would be really nice just to be able to go up there and kinda do stuff with friends and kinda unvent and everything just looks really nice,”  says freshman Austin Rapp.

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