Temple is Thankful For All its Neighbors

As Thanksgiving is just around the corner, Temple is gearing up for the big holiday. Some students may walk around campus and see an exceptional box. The College of Public Health started its annual food drive.

Elizabeth Sabatino, one of the food drive coordinators, told us a little about this event. Sabatino explained to us how a food drive is an annual event. The food drive has only been going on for two years. However, it is still very special to the community.

The first-year community outreach coordinator for the food drive, Marisa Khan, talked to us about how this drive impacts the community around Temple.”I believe the community is suffering after COVID. They can definitely benefit from relaxing and not having to worry about where their meals are coming from and relieve some stress for them so they can enjoy the holidays with their families.”

Everyone knows Thanksgiving is always a day to give thanks and enjoy their time with loved ones. However, this year some may find it difficult to relax after so much that has been going on. With Covid and inflation, families may be unable to enjoy this holiday season.

Mayu Ono, an international student, said: “I’m an international student here, and the food bank here is really supporting me. That’s why I think the community outside of Temple are definitely people who need this”. Last year the food drive was able to give away around 200 food baskets to Temple’s neighbors. This year the coordinators are hoping to surpass that number.

Suppose you want to help donate to the College of Public Health food drive. In that case, you can donate foods like canned vegetables, rice, cornbread mix, elbow macaroni, box mashed potatoes, turkey gravy, apple juice, or non-perishable foods. You can find a box in Ritter Annex on the ground and the fifth floor. Near the entrance of the tech building and also on the 3rd floor of the Deans’ office suite. There’s a box near the security desk of Pearson McGonigle and also the security desk of the star building.

Remember to stop by any of these locations and delete as much as possible. These donation boxes will be put away will put the donation boxes away on November 11th, so stop by soon to turn in any of your donations. You can learn more about this food drive on the College of public health’s Instagram or Facebook page. 

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