Temple KDP Chapter Hosts Book Drive for Community Public School

Kappa Delta Pi has been an International Honors Society in Education since 1911. The organization was founded to foster excellence in education and promote fellowship among those dedicated to teaching others. The Society started with a single local chapter and has grown for over a century into the international organization it is today with an initiated membership that exceeds 1.2 million members. Temple University’s KDP, Alpha Alpha Nu Chapter, founded on October 10th 2001, continues to strive today towards sustaining an honored community of diverse educators by promoting excellence by advancing the education of a local elementary school, Dr. Tanner G Duckery Public School.

Temple’s KDP Chapter is focusing their attention on fundraising in order to build a new library for the Dr. Tanner G Duckery Public School, which is located just two blocks away from Temple’s Main campus. The Society is hoping to receive most of the funds for the project through OwlCrowd. OwlCrowd is a campaign throughout Temple Universty that has received over $54,340 from more than 570 donors. This is the 8th OwlCrowd campaign and the Alpha Alpha Nu Chapter is hoping their application for funds will be accepted so they can begin their work on the education in the local Temple community. In a personal interview KDP, Alpha Alpha Nu Chapter Secretary Jeannette Rupprecht says, “Our goal hopefully is to build better relations with you know Temple, and the College of Education, as well as the community.” Previous projects funded by OwlCrowd can be found in the archives.

In order to make the new library the best it can be, KDR is also accepting new to slightly used books to fill the shelves. Students, faculty, and everyone who would like to donate can find the brightly decorated donation boxes in the Shimada Resource Center located in Ritter Annex room 150. KDR is asking for books that are in the range of slightly before kindergarten to 8th grade. Over 500 books have already flooded the donation boxes, but the total amount of donations that will be accepted are limitless. William Pestcoe, the KDP Treasurer told us the donations are,”giving back to them so they can have a nice base, and a nice foundation for reading, writing, and building that library for them is going to be not only a great thing for us but for them and a community as a whole.” Those who would like to donate have up until a week after spring break on March 24th.

The Alpha Alpha Nu Chapter plans on returning to the completed library to host events and activities for the children. Kristen Shields, the KDP Event Coordinator, says, “I definitely think it’s something that we should have a continued relationship, we shouldn’t just build a library and you know, never come back.”

There is no set date for the completion fo the new library, but the International Honors Society in Education is hoping to open in early May.

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