Fox Students Give Back During Tax Season

This is the 10th year that Fox School of Business students are helping members of the community file their tax returns at no cost. Every Saturday students are at the Ambler campus with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program, an IRS program that has assisted thousands of people in the Philadelphia area.

VITA gives students a chance to get real life experience, which is what Fox alumni Narissa Rasing says attracted her to the program.“I think one of the things that especially what attracted me was its experience. It’s hands-on experience and you actually get to interact with a real life client,” said Raising.

Every year alumni like Raising return to help train current students for the program The VITA program, which is a great opportunity for students to get experience, but they say the real gratification comes from connecting with members of the community. “I feel that it makes us feel really useful as a college student. We can actually help people use and practice what we use in school,” said Claire Xu, a Fox student.

People who qualify for VITA assistance have a joint annual income less than $54,000, do not own and operate their own business, and do not own any rental property.

Volunteers see familiar faces at the program each year. They have even helped some Temple employees to file their tax returns.

Clients say they come return every year for the great experience they have with the students.

“On my way in here I realized this is my seventh year coming here and I worked with a woman who was going to Temple for accounting and she was the one who told me to come here. So every year I’ve had a really wonderful experience,” said Mary Kate Brown a VITA client.

Appointments are available every Saturday until April 8th.

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