Temple On Billboard’s 2023 List

Temple’s Klein College of Media and Communication is now one of Billboard’s top schools for Music Business for 2023. The selection process for this included looking at the many successful alumni who left Klein to make strides in the Music world and beyond. Klein also unveiled a new audio and live entertainment major that will equip students to excel in the live entertainment and audio world.

Temple Update’s Emma Shainline took to Klein to speak to students as they expressed their excitement for Klein’s achievement while sharing how they have spent their time at Temple immersed in a challenging and practical curriculum. Students expressed joy and confidence as they explained how the many resources at Klein have shaped them to be strong individuals capable of holding their weight through any audio or visual challenge.

Jack Klotz, Associate Professor of Practice of Media Studies at Klein shared how Klein has been at work over the past decades creating successful entertainers that are active today. He also expressed his admiration for the innovation of Klein students in thinking out of the box to make Klein a unique learning institution. You can watch this report here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v78BO6_-G7M

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