Temple Owl Finds a Second Home in Dublin

One of our very own Temple Owls has found a second home while studying abroad with SMC Study Away.

Temple University Senior Ana Padilla decided to take her studies overseas to Ireland this semester.

She studies at the Dublin Business School, a college in Dublin city centre with a large number of international students. She enjoys the diverse population, saying, “I have classes with Irish students, I’m in a group project with German students, and there’s a lot of people just from all over the place, so it’s good to get to meet people from different backgrounds.”

Ana is able to take courses that directly relate to and count towards her Journalism major at Temple, such as her magazine production class.

“Magazines are actually something that I’m interested in getting into, so it’s good practice for me to get to learn about how to put together a magazine, what it takes to be on the production team, so it’s really good experience,” says Padilla.

She also has an internship with one of the biggest newspapers in Ireland, the Irish Daily Star, and says, “I’m actually writing articles for their website and putting out my own material every week when I’m there, so it’s a good opportunity.”

With only a few weeks of the semester left, Ana is grateful for her time spent overseas, and feels, “I definitely made the right choice coming abroad, traveling is something that I’ve always wanted to do and I really needed to take this opportunity while I’m in school, to be able to go abroad and visit a new country.”

As one of only four students from Temple currently studying at Dublin Business School, Ana is gaining a unique experience that will help her pursue a career in photojournalism after graduation.

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