BREAKING: Theobald Claims Dean Search Led to Resignation

Dr. Theobald addresses the crowd at a forum at UNI on Tuesday.
Dr. Theobald addresses the crowd at a forum at UNI on Tuesday.

Neil Theobald is in the running to become Northern Iowa University’s new president. The Former Temple University president spoke in front of the UNI Board of Regents and answered questions in a public forum. In his presentation, he spoke for the first time about his decision to step down as President of Temple.

He said that his resignation had to do with a dispute over the hiring of a new dean and not due to the $22 million budget shortfall, as previously reported. Theobald stressed to the crowd that many stories regarding his resignation were not factual.

“I made the decision that it would be of no value to Temple University for me to hold a press conference about why I had made the decision, that it would be best for the University for me to move on, and I did. So, therefore, what you’re reading in the paper is half the story and, in some cases, isn’t even part of the story,” said Theobald at a forum on Tuesday at UNI.

Dr. Theobald is up against the interim president of UNI, Jim Wohlpart, and Montana State University Billings chancellor, Mark Nook, for the position. The Board of Regents is set to make a decision in early December.

You can hear the rest of Dr. Theobald’s remarks in the video below.

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