Temple Police Training Officers in New Ways

Temple Police are starting to train their officers differently. Temple has adopted a new simulation system of training to help better prepare officers for different types of threat scenarios.

Ti Training is a company that provides training software and hardware to law enforcement and safety professionals to recreate scenarios that officers may face while in the line of duty.

Training is conducted at the campus police station where a projector is set up in a room to play out different scenarios. The officers can interact with the simulation to replicate a real life decisions and use air pressurized guns that are recognized by sensors to effect the simulation.

Director of Campus Safety, Charles Leone, says the system is something he’s wanted to implement for a while. He says this new system is “something we can do with muscle memory, teaching people in a controlled environment about when they should or should use lethal force…” He went on the say that he wants officers to get into training with new scenarios around the clock to help prepare them for the field.

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