From Sustainability Week Comes a Long-Term Project

Various events have been held for sustainability week including the Green Fair where over 50 companies came out to promote a green initiative.

The week promotes an eco-friendly community to faulty and students.

Temple Update has the exclusive on the biggest news to come out of the week.

Temple’s composting program has been reinstated.

The composting company Temple partnered with last academic year shutdown leaving the university to scramble for a replacement.

Composting began in Johnson & Hardwick Halls about two weeks ago. The office says they’re currently working on signage to advertise it to students.

The second building to receive composting bins will be Morgan Hall. They are currently ironing out the details for the second floor dining facility. It should begin in upcoming months.

Kathleen Grady is the director of the Office of Sustainability. The office is already planning how to manage the different bins as the program starts to grow.

“We’re going to have to have a massive amount of volunteers that are going to educate students and stand by those containers for every breakfast, lunch, and dinner like peak period and tell people what is compostable and what is not,” Grady said.

Some students knew very little about sustainability and others seemed confused about the difference between the differences between composting, recycling, and landfill

“I know almost nothing about sustainability, unfortunately. I feel like I should be more in the mold with that one,” said junior Victoria Calloway.

“At the SAC, whenever there’s the two different trash cans I never know what I’m doing,” said junior Alex Failla

Responses like those are going to be some of the biggest challenges against the composting initiative.

“The best rule of thumb is if you’re unsure then you should put it into the landfill container,” Grady said.

There is no timeframe for when composting will make it’s way back to the student activity center. The Office of Sustainability says it’s reinstating the program slowly to create longevity.

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