Temple Pride is Popping Up In the Most Unlikely Places

Expect the unexpected. Next time you’re sitting in a class, don’t be surprised if you get randomly bombarded by a swarm of cherry and white. Thanks to a new pop-up initiative launched by the Office of Alumni Relations, students and faculty alike have a little more incentive to feel proud to be #Templemade.

“This is part of what the college environment is about — fostering school spirit,” Dr. Samuel D. Hodge told a reporter from the Fox School of Business.

Hodge is a Professor of Legal Studies at the Fox School of Business, and is the latest subject of the university’s second pop – up pride event. A team comprised of members from the Spirit Squad (Cherry Crusade members, cheerleaders, Diamond Gems and Hooter the Owl) flooded through his lecture hall doors earlier this semester. This latest pop-up event was held a couple weeks back to celebrate the epic football matchup between Temple and Notre Dame.

Each pop-up event is commanded by the spirited squad leader and Engagement Coordinator for The Office of Alumni Relations, Ray Smeriglio. Smeriglio says the parade is a compliment to each of the subject’s dedication to the university and unwavering school spirit.

On October 13th the Alumni Office held its first pop-up pride event, this one featured alumnus Nicolas Jimenez. The first ever event had raised the bar for future pop-ups, as it was held in the city’s tallest building.

Jimenez started as an intern at Comcast Center while he was a Temple student. He now is the senior manager of outreach and partnerships for Internet Essentials, playing a key role in bridging the digital divide within Philadelphia.

“Getting ambushed by the Temple pop-up pride team was amazing,” Jimenez told Temple Times. “Instead of a meeting I got to hang with Hooter and the spirit squad at work. The whole office was talking about it, and all the non-Temple folks were super jealous.”

Where will the spirit squad pop-up next? If you have a suggestion of a place or person who deserves their very own spirit parade, email social@temple.edu or use #TemplePopUp and they might just show up at your door step when you are least expecting it.

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