Temple Senior Featured on MTV.com


BriaMarie Moss-Wilkerson, a senior media studies and production major, has always been driven to make a career for herself in music. Now with her single “Bye Boy” featured on MTV.com, it looks like she has done it.

“You know, I’ve wanted to be in the music industry my whole life. So I was searching and Philadelphia has such a rich culture with music,” said BriaMarie.

“We have so many great artists who came from here,” said BriaMarie. “So one of my favorite artists, Music Soul Child, is from Philadelphia and the production team that he came up under is in Philadelphia and happens to be Carvin & Ivan.”

She got to sing background for other artists and sat in on several recording sessions. Then she got the chance to work on her own music.Hearing that her single “Bye Boy” was featured on MTV’s website was something she never expected.

“Sometimes you’re moving so fast, so when something like that happens its just like whoa,” said BriaMarie.

Her success comes while juggling classes along with her internship. To meet all the demands on her time takes a lot of effort.

“My schedule is hectic. Doing that stuff while I’m at work then I’ll come back to school,” says BriaMarie. “Somehow my homework gets done. By the grace of God, my homework gets done.”

BriaMarie shares the label’s mission and wants to create music that is empowering and can appeal to all ages.

“I just want to encourage people,” said BriaMarie. “I want to especially encourage the people that are shy. I want them to have a voice.”

With rave reviews and an abundance of support from those around her, BriaMarie feels lucky to be a part of the Philadelphia music scene.

“The artists that are coming out of Philly right now are positive,” says Moss-Wilkerson. “It’s just…I just feel blessed to be a part of it. To even be recognized in that, you know.”

For more information about BriaMarie visit her website or if you want to see her full video, check out MTV.com and search for BriaMarie.

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