Temple Seniors Reflect and Prepare

Graduation is closer than you think and seniors are gearing up for the big day they’ve all been waiting for. Seniors will begin to prepare to walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. Before that, they can reflect on the past and look forward to the future after Temple University

Each day closer to graduation, seniors like Raven Risco are finalizing their preparations. 

“It’s a little bittersweet. I’m really busy like submitting all my final assignments and papers presentations. But I’m just really soaking it all in the nice weather has been a great help taking time with my friends. My line sisters, it’s been amazing.” 

Throughout their time here at Temple University, many took a look back at at all the memories made throughout the past 4 years here at the university.

 When it comes to friendships, school opportunities, and the seniors weren’t afraid to speak out. 

Nikhil Stride, a senior Journalism major, has a few things to say about what Temple provided him for the past four years. 

“It’s been amazing. I genuinely think that I made the best decision ever choosing to go to Temple, I met some of my best friends ever here. And I learned so much and I do feel like the resources and sort of the the opportunities that I was given really did greatly impact my future and how, where my life is going to end up going after college.” 

Big decisions are in order as graduation approaches and some of the seniors have opportunities already lined up. 

Senior Emily Madara, who is double majoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management and Marketing explains how happy she is about her new job after college.

“I’m really thankful to have a full-time job. I start in less than 20 days, I think, and I’ll be working at jazz wear,” she said. 

Cheyanna Brown, a senior Business Management major, has a job lined up as well. 

“So I’ll be working with a visa, the car company as an associate analyst in their consulting analytics arm, and I start in about a month and a half.” 

Some are even taking a little break once they leave. 

Raven Risco said “I’m actually taking a gap year this year or next year, but then the following year, I’ll be going to law school.”

During this time, seniors were also on campus getting their graduation photos out the way before the final day! The Bell Tower was a hot spot on campus along with the owl statue and Polett Walk. 

Several of the graduations will be located at the Liacouras center and some will be at either Temple Performing Arts Center, McGonigle Hall, Academy of Music, or Rock Hall. The 135th Commencement ceremony will be on May 5th at 9:30 am located at the Liacouras Center where the owls will start the next chapter of their lives. 

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