Tyler’s Magnum Opus: The Student Teacher Art Exhibition

Story by James Kahn

The Tyler School of Art held their Student Teacher Art Exhibition in the Green Hallway at the end of April.

At the end of the week, the reception was held, which allowed guests to see what the student teachers and their pupils had created.

Family and friends enjoyed seeing what their young ones had been working on in school. The student teachers also brought company, including some of their co-op teachers, which are the certified teachers in the school they worked with.

All the schools that are involved with this student teaching program are all local to the Philadelphia area and the children range K-12.

This exhibition also celebrated some big achievements, such as this being it’s 61st show and it being it’s 30th anniversary.

Amy Stephen, who is one of the student teachers, said that this exhibition was “a culmination of all the hard work they had done throughout the semester” and “the students are what we are celebrating and all the work they’ve done”

Even though this years Student Teacher Art Exhibition is coming to a close, you can find previous shows online. By going to stellaonline.art and clicking on the group shows tab, you can find the Spring 2021 and Fall 2020 exhibitions.

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