Temple Smash: Auditions and Expectations

It is time for everyone’s favorite live television sketch comedy show, and no, it is not Saturday Night live.

From Studio 1 in Annenberg Hall, it’s Temple Smash!

Smash prides itself as Temple University’s only fully student-run comedy show.  Now in it’s seventh season and fresh off it’s 25th episode, the show looks to evolve.

Jessica Smith, executive producer for the show says, “We just celebrated our 25th episode, which is a big deal, but we’re really just a big group of friends writing comedy.”

The show broadcasts 4 times a year with 2 shows each semester. Along with the live shows, Smash also puts together digital shorts featured on their YouTube and Vimeo sites.

Smash auditions new performers for each episode, and with it’s growing popularity, amassed their largest audition group for the Nov. 19th show.

One potential cast member, Ian Harmoning, felt surprised by the huge turnout, saying, “There’s a lot of people in there. I’m just glad I didn’t have to audition in front of all of them!”

The production team has to choose only a few from all those who auditioned – no easy task.

With the November 19th coming together, Smash will surely prove fun to watch not only this season, but also for years to come.

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