Temple Student Creates a Sustainable Food Company


As Temple expands its sustainability efforts, some students are taking matters into their own hands.

Cailynn Chase, a Global Studies major, founded Jars du Jour to promote sustainable living for the Philadelphia community. 

Chase’s idea for Jars du Jour came from a store in Geneva, Switzerland when she came across the zero-waste selection. Inspired, she was determined to introduce zero-waste to North Philly, “where waste is such a huge and visible issue,” Chase says. 

Jars du Jour allows consumers to purchase organic foods in reusable jars at a low price. 

“The community can come with their own jars…and weigh out the household products they like. They can save the earth and save money by paying only for what they will use.”

With food quality as an issue for lower-income communities, sourcing organic foods to ensure proper nutrition for consumers is a company priority. 

With the mission to advocate “green” culture, Chase leads by example through her sustainable ways.

“It means looking at your own life and saying how do I create the most waste? In what ways am I the most wasteful? And understanding your larger impact and the role that you play in the greater world. That’s what sustainability is.”

Temple freshman Christopher Smith says he is honored to be at a school that has an initiative like that.

“I think it is important for all of us to do our part. This school does have thirty-thousand students, so for all of us to get involved in something like this…this kind of initiative would definitely be crucial for the environmental crisis that we’re in,” Smith adds. 

Products are available on the Jars du Jour website and at pop-up stores as well.

Chase hopes to open an official location for business after she graduates this spring. 

For more information, visit the Jars Du Jour website.


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