Temple Student Government to Implement Parliament

Ask Temple Student Government Vice President of External Affairs Jai Singletary, and he’ll tell you some pretty big changes are underway.

TSG announced it will alter its system of governing — implementing a 36 seat parliament.

Call it a brain child of President Aaron Cowen.

It will consist of elected representatives from every college, certain student organizations — even commuters, and will serve as a way for the executive branch to get different perspectives from a variety of students.

“I don’t have to take septa every day I don’t have to take regional rail every day…so their experience differs greatly from mine and I’m sure that they’ll have incredible insight on how to improve their student experience,” said Singletary.

Noah Goff talked to Temple Update about what to expect with the new system.

“The goal of the president is always going to be what it has been. It’s to represent the student body. Just now he’s going to have, or she’s going to have a much better tool to know where student opinion is,” he said.

The name parliament makes sense for this TSG initiative, and that same word also refers to a group of owls. That’s exactly what TSG President Aron Cowen wants people to know. To him, this speaks to a broader message of unification.

“If you heard him speak during the campaign season he would say that sicklicly, to install that in people’s minds,” said Singletary. 

There had been a parliament as recent as the 2011-2012 school year, but this time around folks in TSG want to take their time setting it up.  

“(There are) no set dates yet. We want to make sure that the parliament’s here to stay and that’s my personal goal — that we want longevity,” Singletary said. 

Singletary said he hopes to have this system fully implemented by the Spring semester.


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