Temple Student Teachers Instructing Virtually, Prepare for Job Hunt in Pandemic


As classes have moved back online, students studying to be teachers are finding it difficult to readjust. Senior secondary education major Bradley Corr, who is currently in a student teaching program, says the switch to teaching all virtual classes has been hard. It is something both he and other teachers have never experienced before.

Despite the frustration, Corr says his students have been able to access resources and rent out computers, if needed.

According to the College of Education and Human Development, all qualified teacher education candidates have received student teacher placements. However, this does not alleviate the worry of finding a job after graduation.

“I’m not really sure how the job market is going to look, and it’s a little nerve wracking,” Corr said.

After graduation, he’ll have to get his certification from the State of Pennsylvania before finding a job. But, it is unclear whether he’ll find one right away.

Dr. Tamara Sniad, the Associate Dean of Teacher Education, told Temple Update how students are preparing for their post-graduation careers and gave this statement:

“The College of Education and Human Development remains committed to preparing graduates for successful careers.  We have been providing resources and workshops on virtual teaching and have a gradual release program that has student teachers learning from a mentor before taking on teaching responsibilities.”

If students have any questions about these resources, they should contact an advisor.

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