Temple Students Travel to Las Vegas for Film Festival Win


The Documentary Monumental Change: Expansion at all Costs has won first place at the BEA (Broadcast Education Association) Festival of the Media Arts. The group, comprised of Brooke DeZutter, Jake Segelbaum, Emma Quinn and Rachel Peterson, created this film over the course of a semester in Dr. Kristine Weatherston’s Genres of Media Production course this past fall.

Their film explores Monument Cemetery, which was once a historic site on Broad Street, but was destroyed to make way for Temple construction. It then shows the current state of Temple’s rapid expansion.

The story presented and the quality of the film stood out to the judges, and landed them a top spot in the BEA Film Festival, which takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brooke de Zutter told Temple Update that she’s “super excited” and that she “didn’t even think this would be possible”

The team reportedly spent close to 6 hours a day working on the film and some days up to 13 hours, but in the end the team came out with a win.

Dr. Weatherston says she thinks the team’s win is “validating” for herself as their professor as well as other students who are taking the course now.

They plan to continue sending Monumental Change to festivals this summer.

You can find their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/MonumentalChangeMovie/

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