Temple Theater Presents Rogers and Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!

After a string of more contemporary shows such as Spring Awakening and A Chorus Line, Temple Theater turns back the clock to a Rogers and Hammerstein classic that revolutionized musical theater. “There wouldn’t be the Le Mizes, the Cats, and the Sound of Musics or the West Side Stories. None of that would be here without Oklahoma!,” says Brian Aarons, the theater’s wardrobe supervisor.

Oklahoma! debuted on Broadway in 1943, Oklahoma! was the first musical where the music told part of the storyline. Previously, vaudeville dominated Broadway and music was used mainly for comic relief. Despite its age, Oklahoma!‘s themes of relationships, finding your home, and working together as a community still resound today.

Oklahoma!‘s cast of 35 is one of Temple Theater’s largest. Oklahoma! runs from October 9th until October 20th. Tickets are $10 with a student ID.

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