New South Philly Favorite in Morgan Hall

The classic "whiz-wit" cheeseteak from Tony Luke's
The classic “whiz-wit” cheesesteak from Tony Luke’s

Morgan Hall has been getting a lot of traffic with all their new dining options, but one South Philly favorite has been drawing quite a bit of attention.  Tony Luke’s, a very recognizable local cheesesteak favorite, has been brought on with many of the other new dining options for students at Morgan Hall.

“Tony Luke’s was one of our first choices to see who we could bring in that’s really a Philly favorite and bring them in to make sure students had the options they really wanted,” meal services marketing director Nathan Quinn explained. “Luckily Tony Luke’s is more than happy to expand and reach the students because they really know them. You know, it’s really somewhere they want to be is on college campuses reaching the population here.”

Many students are giving positive feedback about the quality of the food at Tony Luke’s. For those who are skeptical of dorm food, fear not, we are told this is the real deal.

“I can confirm that Tony Luke’s cheesesteaks here are as good as any cheesesteak you’ll get at any Tony Luke’s in the city. For instance we are only allowed to use the specific Liscio rolls that Tony Luke’s has always used, so if we don’t use the Liscio rolls it’s just not a Tony Luke’s cheesesteak,” Quinn continued.

With the great success that Temple has seen with Tony Luke’s, there are plans in the works for a new restaurant on campus where you can expect to find more Philly favorites. Tony Luke’s is available for all people in Morgan Hall, students or non-students, with or without a meal plan.

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