Temple Toasts to Russell Conwell’s Birthday

On Temple University Founder Russell Conwell’s 173rd birthday, Temple organized its second annual 24-hour Temple Toast fundraiser. Temple Toast 2016 gathered more than 1,192 donors to raise over $78,767 for the university.

Garnering donations from alumni around the country and the world, the toast celebrates the university’s history. It all started Monday at midnight.

Julie Wilkins is Student Relations Coordinator for the Office of the Provost. She said last year’s effort raised about $127,000. Wilkins said that’s good, but this year she expects even more.

The university also held a one-hour challenge where the school that raised the most money could win a $5000 bonus.

“We’re doing great with sports, our academics are soaring, our rankings are soaring so we wanted to step it up even more,” she said. “So this year, our goal is to raise over $160,000 from 1,500 donors.

Nearly every college on campus held pop-up parties similar to the celebration at the Student Center, many giving away prizes and food. The celebration was even enough to bring back alumni and 6ABC Meteorologist David Murphy.

“Any kind of milestone you can celebrate at Temple is worth celebrating, and there’s many more to come,” he said.

In Wilkins’ eyes, it’s a great time for the Temple Community to come together. “Make a toast and make a donation in honor of the university and in honor of Russell Conwell,” she said.


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