Pennsylvania Universities Call for Better Funding

PASS logoUniversities in Pennsylvania are taking a stand against the lack of institutional funding for higher education.

They are doing so through the Pennsylvania Association of State-Related Students (PASS). Made up of four schools: Temple University, Penn State University, Lincoln University, and the University of Pittsburgh, the goal of PASS is to bring the four Pennsylvania schools together to improve the quality of higher education.

Members of the student government expressed their concerns in a letter to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolfe.

Student Body President Ryan Rinaldi’s letter addressed the reduction of higher education budgets, along with the lack of funding that jeopardizes Temple’s ability to provide a high quality and affordable education.

Temple Student Government, along with the other members of PASS, took to Twitter to broadcast their letters, using #PassIt to spread awareness.

Together these schools will advocate for the passing of a budget that will improve funding for the state-related universities.

More information about PASS and the initiative for better funding can be found here.

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