Temple University Expands Patrol Area

Temple University students can now feel that much safer due to the heightened off-campus security presence. After a string of violent attacks on Temple students that occurred last March, just beyond the original border, and the attack of a 19-year-old student who was hospitalized after she was hit in the face with a brick. Temple University wasted no time implementing their border patrol, making the decision to speed up the project a unanimous one.

“We had a dialogue probably last year talking about do we need to extend, and then of course we had the incident in March, and we decided to move our time line,” says Charles Leone, Executive Director of Temple’s Campus Safety Services.

The expansion encompasses about 20 square blocks around the university’s North Philadelphia campus, increasing its total coverage area to about 100 square blocks. The new patrol zone is bound by 18th street, to the West Susquehanna Avenue, to the North Ninth street to the east, and Jefferson Street to the south. “For parents to know that there is gonna be more police activity back there, is going to make them feel safer for their kids when they are moving off campus,” says Temple student Annette Rossetti.

Temple University houses approximately 13,000 students and has a safety teams that includes 215 full-time employees, both sworn police officers and staff, as well as 250 full-time-equivalent security personnel through AlliedBarton Security Services. Temple keeps a daily crime log, and notifies students of any crime related incidents within the patrol zone through TU alerts, and other media outlets.

For more information about Campus safety Services click here.main police patro

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