Temple University Gets #Roasted!

The roast was part of a weekly show organized by Good Good Comedy, a local Philadelphia stand-up group focused on putting on hilarious shows all over the Philadelphia area.

The show, titled Burn it Down, targets Philadelphia institutions such as CityWide, the Parking Authority, and SEPTA.

Lou Misiano, left, delivers his opening monologue for Good Good Comedy's "Roast of Temple University"
Lou Misiano, left, delivers his opening monologue for Good Good Comedy’s “Roast of Temple University”

Lou Misiano hosts the Burn it Down show every week, and said that the idea came to him after talking to his roommate, a Temple student who is involved with Good Good Comedy.

“We roast institutions. We can’t roast people because nobody knows anybody,” said Misiano, “I just thought it would be something funny to talk smack on for a show.”

The show had a format similar to “Who’s Line is it Anyway?” where members of a panel play different games and buzz in to give witty one-liners relating to the topic.

The panel consisted of three Temple Students, all of which had an axe to grind with the University.

The panelists played several games throughout the night like Rename, a game where contestants were asked to give Temple a new name.

Other games included giving Temple a new advertising slogan writing commencement speeches from the perspective of controversial alumnus such as Bill Cosby, and Bob Saget.

The crowd of over fifty people consisted of mostly Temple students or alumni.

While they were all there to laugh at themselves and the school they go to, former Temple student Michael Fisher shed some light on why the evening was so enjoyable.

“Yeah, we’re roasting Temple, [we’re saying] this is why we hate Temple,” said Fisher, “but you roast the ones you love.”

For more information about upcoming Good Good Comedy shows visit www.goodgoodcomedy.com.



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