Women’s Basketball Gets Back On Track With a Win Against Tulane

Photo courtesy of: Temple University Athletics

PHILADELPHIA — After dropping their last two against the number one team in the country, UConn, and in a rare quintuple overtime loss to Memphis, Temple’s Women’s Basketball team came out for redemption against Tulane during the Play for Kay day.

Alliya Butts lead all scorers with 22 points, while three others, Feyonda Fitzgerald, who nearly had a triple double with 13 points and nine assists, Erica Covile, and Khadijah Berger all scored in double digits as well.

Khadijah Berger was a big part of this game as she came off the bench and made four of her seven three point attempts, which helped spark up the team during this win. This game was their second time against Tulane this season and, just like last time, Temple came out with the victory, now improving their record to 18-9 with only two games left in the regular season.

During the first quarter, Tulane jumped out with a big lead over Temple leading 19-8 at one point in the quarter. This was due to the slowing down of the game that Tulane had done to Temple, as they generally excel in a high paced game. Good ball movement also helped Tulane open up this early lead against Temple, until Temple started to fight its way back into it and closing out the quarter only down by five points.

In the second quarter, Temple tried to fight back into the game, and even got the score down to one at one point. With still about five minutes remaining in the quarter, Tulane kept scoring while Temple stopped to bring the lead back up to six by the end of the quarter, leading 31-25.

At halftime, Kolby Morgan lead all scorers with 14 points, while Alliya Butts lead Temple’s scorers with 11. Tulane was superior to Temple in every stat, aside from Temple having a block to Tulane’s zero at that point.

About four minutes into the third quarter, Temple took their first lead of the game against Tulane. From that point forward, Temple and Tulane fought it out, cancelling every basket that the other team made with a basket of their own, eventually ending the quarter with an even 51 score.

The fourth quarter started off very competitive, until Temple went on a 13-4 run, which essentially took Tulane out of the game and they didn’t have enough of the juice to come back. Temple won the game after being down by 11, proving that their grit and determination has been improving since the beginning of the season.

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