Temple University Hosts Health and Wellness Fair

On Wednesday April 19th, Temple University Human Resources, Total Wellness, and Benefits and Absence Management hosted the 15th annual employee Health and Wellness Fair. Temple faculty and staff were able to enter raffles, receive massages, and more at Mitten Hall.

Along with the fun activities, vendors from the Philadelphia area showed up to help educate the employees about their own health and wellness. One vendor, Jen Laurence, a dietician from Family Food, gave advice on nutrition and dietary needs. “Working with a dietician can also just help you feel your best, help you to maintain a healthy weight and help you to prevent disease. If you’re healthy right now and you want to stay healthy, working with a dietician can help you achieve these goals,” says Laurence.

With the vendors from the local area, Temple Wellness, safety, and more came out to the event. “I’m always curious to see what Temple has to offer, it’s part of the benefits being an employee at Temple,” says Albana Cejne, a Temple employee. Temple also offered biometric and oral, head & neck cancer screenings for those who wished to take part.

In the end, tons of employees came out for the event, and officials hope for the Health and Wellness Fair to return again next year.

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