Temple Volleyball Digs in to Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Pink jerseys, out-flags and lines graced McGonigal Hall as the Owls took on the Cincinnati Bearcats.

While Temple took the match three sets to one, the real winner was breast cancer research.

The unfortunate truth is that breast cancer is one of those diseases that most are too familiar with, either having relatives affected or even having fought it off themselves.

Volleyball head coach Bakeer Ganesharatnam enjoyed a three to one victory in the Dig Pink game, but was more focused on the cause for this month of awareness as well as year-round.

“So every year we have the goal; a certain goal and I believe the last couple years we were able to meet the goal. This is an awful disease and we’re just happy that we can be a small part in finding a cure for this,” said Ganesharatnam.

The team has a donation site for this month and while the effort is slow rolling, Ganesharatnam and his team are confident that their efforts among others locally and nationally will prove fruitful.

The Owls volleyball team has been dedicating games to Dig Pink for quite some time now but it’s Dr. Katheryn Evers, radiologist at Fox Chase Cancer Center, who has seen events like this really get the point across.

“There’s been a 40% decrease in breast cancer mortality since the late 80’s,” said Evers. “That’s been due to a combination of better diagnosis, more people getting mammograms and better mammograms, and improvements in the treatments, mostly chemotherapy.”
Be sure to check out the Owls in action this Fall as well as see what you can do to bring awareness as well as contributions to those who could use support or even just a pink ribbon in your area.

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