Temple Women’s Tennis Duo Nationally-Ranked

Temple women’s tennis duo Jamie Wei and Maiko Uhijima are currently ranked No. 19 in the nation after Tuesday’s ranking release.   

“They’ve done a tremendous job. Really represented, they put Temple on the map as far as women’s tennis is concerned,” says Temple’s tennis coach Steve Mauro

The two went up against Tulane duo Charlotte Russell and Lahari Yalamanchili in Wednesday’s round of the AAC Tennis Championship, losing 6-3 and making their record 26-3.  

The duo was ranked No. 8 earlier this week when we spoke to Jamie Wei, the newest recipient of the NCAA women’s enhancement scholarship, about how she feels being nationally ranked.  

“And then seeing us being ranked, that’s proof of all our hard work and sweat paying off,” says graduate senior Jaime Wei.  

The two were ranked no. 5 in the nation heading into the spring season after the fall ITA Super Regionals. Throughout the spring season, they hit No. 6 and No. 12 nationally.   

In the last regular season game, Temple beat Georgetown on a six-game win streak while Wei and Uhijima were defeated by Chloe Bendetti and McHaley Ho, 6-4.   

“But overall, I mean they play tremendous tennis so today it was just a little bit of a setback, but I think we’ll be able to get it back on track,” continues Coach Mauro.  

“We usually try to communicate and talk what we have to do on the court and like today ya we work on it, today unfortunately we couldn’t do it,” adds freshman Maiko Uchijima.  

The team will be staying another day in Orlando as Temple beat Tulane during Wednesday’s game and will be moving on to Thursday’s round, where they will face No. 1 Southern Methodist University. There, Wei and Uchjimia will have a chance to redeem themselves.

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