Fashion District’s Newest Restrictions

The Fashion District shopping mall is now requiring minors to be accompanied by an adult over the age of twenty-three after two pm. This decision comes after a group of teenagers caused disturbances throughout the city Wednesday night. Mall employees have mixed feelings about this recent change.

Matthew Sylvester, Manager at Rec Philly, a content creation store in the mall says “I do think like if kids are just coming to mess around and reek havoc maybe they shouldn’t be allowed in but how do you know whether that’s why the kids are coming in or not.”

While some employers may not agree with the new restrictions, others believe this is a step in the right direction. Rico, store manager at Talk N Fix expresses “some of their behaviors is shunning away from people wanting to buy, too much crazy activity makes older families want to get out of here, they just don’t feel safe.”  He also says he has witnessed teenagers steal, fight, and ransack- he now believes something needed to be done.

Some shoppers also agree with the new restrictions.

“Things are getting too out of hand. I think they should be accommodated with a parent or older adult you know what I’m saying.” -a statement coming from a regular mall go-er.

Mall employees who are under the age of eighteen ad show up after two PM, will be allowed into the mall without an adult but will have to show a work ID if asked by security.

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