Temple’s Annual Cherry and White Game

On April 13th, the Temple football team hosted its annual Cherry and White spring game at Edberg-Olson Hall. In this non-traditional game, offense (cherry jerseys) plays against defense (white jerseys) in an attempt to prepare the team for their upcoming season.

A street fair, much like a tailgate, was also held before the game to help attendees get into that owl spirit and support the team. The street fair included free food for temple students, live music, opportunities to win free items and even Temple merchandise sold at a discounted price.

“I feel like there’s not many campus events and things going on in the spring so I feel like it’s a fun way for students to come together and support Temple”, said sophomore, Madison Trout.

Student Madeline Conway feels as though the new athletes that the coach Stan Drayton has recruited could be the perfect opportunity to bring back some of the hope and energy that a lot of fans think the team has lost over the years. “I definitely think that having new players on the field can give hope to them and maybe bring energy back,” Madeline says.

Fans are excited for the Owls’ upcoming 2024-2025 season. The first football game takes place on August 31st.

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