Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival

Warm weather brought crowds of all kinds to the Cherry Blossom Festival at Fairmount Park. The annual event celebrates Japanese culture by displaying fully bloomed Japanese cherry blossom trees.

Some attendees, like Chandler Ellison, even decided to dress up for the event, expressing their love for the culture.

“I am cosplaying as Venti from a mobile and PC game called Genshin Impact,” festival goer, Chandler Ellison expressed.

Food stands and trucks had classic Japanese dishes for people to enjoy.

Vendors sold art, clothes, accessories, and toys, which seemed to be a popular selling point for some. 

For people that aren’t too familiar with Japanese culture, there were activities like origami, crafts, and some trivia to test your knowledge.

Although shopping and eating was a big part of this weekend long event, the main reason was for the blooming of the Japanese cherry blossom trees. However, attendees were disappointed by the lack thereof this year.

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