Temple’s Main Campus Program Board Hosts Fun-Filled Craft Bash

In-between classes, many Temple students search high and low for fun things to do when they aren’t studying or doing homework. The Main Campus Program Board is a program that helps create fun activities for students whether they are on campus or not.

Events range from trips to go ziplining to the most recent craft bash held inside the Tyler School of Art atrium.

“It’s better than, you know, the normal things that I do,” said Temple junior, Fatima McDonald. “I kind of just sit around hoping something hits me, and [this] is free! So there’s that added bonus.”

The Craft Bash brought in many students who left with newly decorated clothes and accessories. The MCPB provided participants with free t-shirts, hats, and tote bags to decorate however they wanted at different stations like painting, sewing, screen-printing, along with tote bag decorating, and a bedazzling station where students could liven up an old book bag or cell phone case. The event also included a station where people could get lessons on crocheting.

MCPB On-Campus Co-Chair Sophia Felder, says that students were able to bring their own clothes to spice up a little bit at the bedazzling table.

“[Students] can bring a jean jacket to make into a vest or something” Felder says of the sewing station.

The next major event hosted by the Main Campus Program Board is the end-of-semester spa day held in Mitten Hall on December 4, 2013. Students have the opportunity to get massages and other stress-relieving benefits all, of course, for free!

For more information on upcoming events held by the Main Campus Program Board, visit the MCPB website and follow MCPB on Twitter at @TemplesMCPB.

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