Student Health Services Offers Free Flu Shot

The leaves have changed and are beginning to fall to the ground and students are bundling up on campus. It is a sure sign that winter is on the way and the flu season is here. Students and Faculty at Temple University are encouraged to take advantage of the free flu shot offered by student health services to protect themselves and others this season.

“If one person infects five other people those five people infect twenty five, twenty five infect one hundred and five,” said Mark Denys, Director of Student and Employee Health. “So just by preventing one, you can prevent hundreds of people from getting the flu.”

College campuses, where students are packed tight in classrooms or dorm buildings, make for an easy environment to spread the flu virus. One student said she learned the hard way after coming down with a serious case of the stomach flu last year.

“It was really terrible, I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy,” said senior, Magaly Perez. “I never really got the flu shot before because I though that it made you sick but then after I had that really bad experience I started to get it and I haven’t had any symptoms or anything thus far this year.”

The flu shot can produce minor side affects like mild fever and soreness but the director of SHS ensures that the flu shot is completely safe. It is physiologically impossible to contract the flu from the vaccine.  However, for those who do experience the minor side effects, Denys recommends Tylenol or Ibuprofen.

Students can receive their shot at both main and ambler campuses. To schedule an appointment simply log on to my online student health.

“We wanted to eliminate whatever barriers there are for students to get the vaccine. We just wanted to make it as easy as possible,” said Denys.

Other ways to prevent the spread of the flu virus this season is to always cover your sneeze or cough with the inside of your elbow and to use plenty of hand sanitizer. For more information visit Temple University’s student health services website.




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