The 2nd Annual Urban Unification Rally & Performance for Peace Showcase

Dozens of people came out to celebrate the 2nd Annual Urban Unification and Performance for Peace Showcase on October 18th. The event was held in Love Park by A Helping Hand From Your Fellow Man, a local community service organization.

The founder of A Helping Hand…, Michael Arrington, Jr., is all about spreading positivity through the Philadelphia community and he did just that. Several local artists were able to perform and promote their music while small Philly businesses set up in the park, selling everything from water to hand crafted jewelry. For many of the artists, the event was not just a one-time chance for them to perform but rather to spread a positive message to the city and surrounding areas. Stephon Amir, who refers to himself as Philadelphia’s newest pop star says that giving back to the community is important and that, “performing is a bonus.”

The members of the organization came together to feed families in need and collected and distributed free donated winter jackets for the upcoming chilly temperatures. The performances also highlighted the need to increase the peace in the City of Brotherly Love. A Helping Hand From Your Fellow Man aims to continue to help and spread love through the city with their annual event for many more years to come. 

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