Completing “The Cut”

Temple University’s $8 million dollar landscaping project was completed earlier this month, take a look at what students think about about the renovated gathering space on campus.

Liacouras Walk South finally reopened earlier this month after almost a year of construction.

Nicknamed “The Cut”, the reconstruction of Liacouras Walk South marks Temple’s largest landscaping project to date. 

The $8 million project features a new plaza with upgraded pavements, improved lights, additional green space, wider seating spaces, and a brand new fountain which is expected to begin operating during the warmer seasons.

With construction barriers now taken down, the reopening of the walk has allowed students to get to their classes in a decreased amount of time.

Freshman student Jake Weston says “Before it was closed I kind of had to walk all the way around just to get to class and now I can just cut through here,”. 

Jake added that he appreciates the new design changes brought to Liacouras Walk South as “it’s a beautiful addition to campus.”.

Radhey Patel, a freshman who first came to campus this fall, says that these renovations brought a new hang-out spot to campus. Students can gather and socialize outside once the weather is warmer.

“I think that when it does get warm like today, you might see me sitting on these benches over here,” said Patel.

While some students are enjoying these new changes on campus, others have questioned the necessity of this project. Recent College of Liberal Arts graduate, Danielle Carr, says that she believes these changes are pricey and needless. 

“I honestly thought it was a little pointless,” said Carr. “I feel like originally it was perfectly fine.” 

Carr says the university should be redirecting its resources to financially support students through scholarships.  

However, despite the mixed opinions regarding this project, one can find many students utilizing the new space whenever the weather allows for outdoor gatherings.

For a look at Liacouras Walk South during its construction phase, click here.

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