Head Over to “Head Over Heels”

Before packing your last-minute items to head home for spring break, get your tickets to see Head Over Heels.

It is currently playing at the Tomlinson Theater.

Head Over Heels invites its audience to an unmasked adaptation of The Arcadia by Sir Philip Sidney, featuring well-known songs by The Go-Go’s such as “We Got the Beat,” “Vacation,” and “Heaven is a Place on Earth.”

Stage Manager, Laurence Christopher, decided to put on this revamped musical. Christopher wanted to bring awareness to acceptance, as well as living life as your most authentic self. 

When asked how audiences are responding to the show, Christopher said “it brings you for a whirlwind of emotions ranging from you’re happy, you’re excited, then you’re sad, then people are angry and then you know at the end it really lumps itself really nicely together.” 

The cast and crew have been working tirelessly to tell this story that tackles topics surrounding sexuality, gender identity, and equality since October of 2021. They are excited to continue telling this story through the support of Temple’s community. 

Rafi Mills, who plays the character of ‘Dametas’ in both casts of Head Over Heels says the musical’s message is this: “It’s okay to not know things as long as you’re willing to grow and learn from them.” 

Go to the TFMA website to get a ticket to a performance of Head Over Heels that will have you singing from your seat before you take a safe and healthy break from school.

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