The Holiday Season in Philadelphia

The holiday season is in the air in Philadelphia. Young and old crowd into Macy’s for the light show before starting their holiday shopping. And Christmas carols floated through Center City’s Christmas Village sung by a local high school a cappella group. The audience even joined in on the singing before wandering off to the various vendors within Christmas Village.

Hot sausages and ornaments to write your Christmas wishes were for sale. We even met a special visitor, Santa Clause, who loves visiting the kids in Philadelphia.

Christmas wishes

It is Ernest Roebuck’s second year being Santa Clause at the Christmas Village. “I really enjoy the excitement from the children. And you can see in their eyes that they truly believe. It’s just so thrilling you know, to know that they are so young and innocent and just believe in something. It’s good.”

While ice skating around the rink at Dilworth Park, we asked a few kids to share with us what they are asking from Santa this year. Isaiah says, “An xbox, I want an xbox!” And his friend Victor had an unusual reply, “A pet rat…because my mom said I could get one!”

Dilworth park has ice skating until February and even offers some college discounts to those who come on Thursday nights. Temple students always receive $1 off their ice skate rental.

Ice skaters at Dilworth Park

The sound of the skates mixes with the ringing bells from the Salvation Army and the local street performers surrounding City Hall in the holiday spirit. As people pass into the courtyard they are greeted by the twinkling lights of the Christmas Carousel.

Carousel attendant, Eric Marchione, is the third generation manager of the carousels in his family business. He says, “I just enjoy doing it. It’s a unique thing. Its normally our off-season and it’s just something nice that we can extend into the Christmas months. The kids love it, and it’s just nice to see everyone moving around the circle waving and yelling Merry Christmas. It’s awesome.”


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