The Lights are Back on at the Divine Lorraine

The newly redeveloped Divine Lorraine sits at Broad & Fairmount

What was once an eyesore for the Philadelphia skyline, is now a high-class apartment building. A golden chandelier, impressive

columns, and a grand staircase are all housed at the Divine Lorraine. But the glitz and glamour wasn’t always the case at Broad and Fairmount.

Logan Rothman is the Assistant Property Manager at EB Realty, which is the company responsible for redeveloping the Lorraine to what it is today. He explained that “construction on this project started in late 2015 and it’s really come along. It looks a lot nicer and a lot better than what its original state was in.”

Now, the lights are on and the elevators are back up and running to house the hundreds of tenants that live in the building. Among those who live there is Kate O’Brien, a 2012 Temple graduate who has been adding her own spark to the Divine Lorraine and enjoys living in such a great building.

“If i had a soulmate for a building this would definitely be it”, she commented.

The Grand Staircase in the lobby of the Divine Lorraine

However, living in such an iconic building comes with a high price tag. Apartments start at $1300 per month and increase depending on the floor plan. But, with most of the building full and high praise for the redevelopment, calling the Divine your home is something impressive to say.

“I plan on staying here as long as I can,” said O’Brien.

For more history on the Divine Lorraine, you can visit its history page on their website.

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