The Universoul Circus Returns

Nestled between 52nd and Park Ave near Fairmont Park, you’ll find the circus with soul.

For the past twenty years, during the Thanksgiving holiday, The Universoul Circus has been traveling to Philadelphia, to bring fun and entertainment to the city.

” I love the circus. I come every year. I have been coming since I was a child, and now I bring my daughter.” Said Philadelphia resident, Kianna Gaffney.

The circus strives to bring various cultures together by showcasing talents from all over the world. Their mission statement is “We Are One” meaning no matter your race, religion, or socio-economic. They want you to feel respected and appreciated all throughout the show.

With performers from  Jamaica, Ghana, Columbia, and more. The Universoul Circus has brought culture to the stage by immersing the performers with the audience, and allowing the crowd to participate, and experience different cultures first hand.

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