Title Created for Clark

Kevin Clarke, Athletic Director


Former Temple athletic director Kevin Clark will take on the role of the newly created position of executive vice president and chief operating office. President Theobald made the announcement on Monday, and the appointment needs to be approved by the Board of Trustees.

The new title would take on role to accept university-wide responsibility for the daily operations. He would be in charge of seeing four separate devisions throughout Temple, which include:

• Intercollegiate athletics

• Construction, facilities, and operations

• Campus recreation

• Business services.

Dr. Patrick Kraft, Deputy Director of Athletics

Theobald explain that that Clark deserves this new position after working hands on with the rebirth of Temple Football. “Kevin has ably demonstrated that he has the right blend of skills and experience that Temple University needs for this new portfolio, especially as we enter an era that will bring substantial new construction on our campuses,” stated Theobald.

Clarke says he is humbled by the new appointment. “I am honored to be selected for this role and look forward to helping Temple operate efficiently and effectively while capitalizing on our vast potential,” Clark said. “I am particularly proud of the significant improvements we have been able to make in our women’s sports programs during my time as AD.”

Dr. Patrick Kraft will take over Clarke’s position as athletic director. Kraft currently serves as Temple’s deputy director of Athletics after being appointed in 2013. Kraft also worked with the athletes hands on as he served as the sport administrator for the Temple football program.

Kraft says he is excited to take on his new role. “Temple is an extraordinary university and its athletics programs are advancing with tremendous support from our students, faculty, coaches, parents and alumni. Our athletics programs build greater name recognition for Temple around the region and across the country,” said Kraft

Before working together at Temple University, the pair was together at Indiana University.


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