Traveling Immersive Experience “Happy Place” Stops in Philadelphia

If you’ve been feeling stressed out from midterms recently – you’re not alone.

After a long week of studying for midterms, a visit to a happy place, like a park or hanging out with friends is definitely warranted. Now you can add “Happy Place” to your list of happy places.

Located in the King of Prussia Mall, Happy Place is a pop-up interactive and immersive sensory overloading experience designed to make you feel happier.

“In Toronto, we actually had someone studying happiness itself and they did a survey. They found, through the results of the survey that from start to finish at Happy Place, you show a 10% increase in happiness overall” General Manager Rob Sherrell says.

Happy Place started in 2017 in Los Angeles and took over social media by storm. Celebrities like Hillary Duff, Kourtney Kardashian and Tyler Oakley are just a few that have “captured their happy” at Happy Place. Electronic music artist Marshmello and Anne-Marie even shot a music video at Happy Place.

(L to R) Tyler Oakley, Hillary Duff and Marshmello all at Happy Place. Credit: @wearehappyplace

A few of Happy Place’s picture-perfect experiences are larger-than-life. We’re talking about a six-foot-tall cookie in a room that smells like fresh baked cookies all the time. There’s also a giant gumball machine slide and humongous ball-pit called “The Pot of Happiness”

6-Foot-Tall Cookie at Happy Place | Photo: Jake Zebley

Being in Philadelphia, the Happy People (team members) created experiences that are new or exclusive to Philly like Winky’s Diner, The Happy Wall and Goth Hearts curated by Philly based artist Amberella

Winky’s Diner experience at Happy Place | Photo: Jake Zebley

Check out Happy Place before it closes its doors on January 5th, 2020! Tickets for adults start at $30.


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