TSG 2017 Results Are In

After a few bumps in the road and a very close race, Activate TU won the executive ticket for Temple Student Government on Friday.

The results showed Activate TU defeated Connecting TU by only 56 votes. Connecting TU had a total of 2,218 votes while Activate TU held 2,562.

The 5,180 students who cast their votes exceeded last year’s participation by more than 1,000.

TSG Parliament winners were announced a little less than an hour after Activate TU was announced.

The Election Committee delayed the announcement of the TSG executive ticket winners due to an investigation on Activate TU’s finances. Activate TU was suspended for an hour from campaigning just before polls closed Wednesday night. In a statement, Election Committee believed the campaign went over their $1,000 spending budget, but after an investigation, they were found to be within their spending limits.

The announcement of the TSG winner was pushed back from Thursday at 9:30 a.m. to Friday at noon.


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