TSG Campaigns for 2017-18 Underway

Temple Student Government campaign season is underway. This year, two teams are running to be named the highest student body representatives – Activate TU and Connecting TU announced their runs this week.

Temple Update’s Taggart Houck moderated a debate alongside Temple New’s Julie Christie on March 23. The two hour debate included questions from the audience using #TSGRound1. Some of the questions included where each campaign stood on the issue of an on-campus stadium, sexual assault resources, and issues concerning food services at Temple.

Both teams spoke about expanding services for sexual assault survivors on campus and expanding campus safety services like the walking escort program, while the possible on-campus stadium which was a hot topic during last year’s debate was only mentioned in the Activate TU platform. Connecting TU did not take a stance on the issue.

Activate TU is led by Tyrell Mann-Barnes, a junior studying English and Biology, but outside of classes, he’s been involved as a resident assistant and an Owl Ambassador at the university.

Ari Abramson is leading the charge for Connecting TU. He is a Management Information Systems student in the Fox School of Business, and their website says he’s worked with several groups at Temple University to develop and expand Jewish programming.

Activate TU’s Tyrell is joined by Paige Hill and Kayla Martin. Hill is running to be the Vice President of External Affairs, while Martin will take the Vice President of Services.

Connecting TU’s Vice President of External Affairs would be Shiven Shah, while Dalia Al-Bataineh will be the Vice President of Services.

You can find Activate TU’s platform here. Connecting TU’s platform is available here.

Noah Goff, Elections Commission, will host the next debate, scheduled for Monday, April 3 at 5:00 p.m. in room 200C of the Student Center.

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