Ride along with TUPD

Temple University’s Department of Public Safety is giving students a unique opportunity to see what it’s like to patrol the streets.

“I’ve always wanted to be a police officer, you know, that’s why i’m going to college and everything – that’s the plan after I graduate,” said junior psychology major Lucas Burke.

The student was ecstatic to learn that Temple University has launched a new ride-along initiative, which allows students to connect with a Temple Police Officer and join them for an hour-long patrol.

Burke says he enjoyed getting to learn more about law enforcement’s day-to-day duties. 

“A lot of people, you know, have their opinions on law enforcement, but i think, you know, until you actually sit in that seat and see what they do on the daily,” Burke said, “I think, you know, that would that would really broaden your horizons and getting more experience and knowledge to speak about.” 

After signing a waiver, students receive a police-issued vest and then meet the officer that will take them on the ride-along. 

The Department of Public Safety is hoping that by giving students a chance to join them on a patrol, the Owls will want to return to the nest later on as members of law enforcement.

“So the initial thought process behind this was, you know, we were missing out. You know, we have students here at the university that are looking for a career in law enforcement, and this is a phenomenal opportunity here” said Michael Smith, Deputy Director of Organizational Affairs.

As of right now, the Department of Public Safety says around a dozen students have completed the ride-along. The program is geared towards those interested in law enforcement, but it is open to all students.

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