Philly Punk Rock Flea Market

Philadelphia’s seasonal Punk Rock Flea Market was held April 12-14th, featuring arts, crafts and secondhand goods sold by several independent vendors.

The consensus among the vendors seems to be a gratefulness for local marketplaces. Louie Zalivino, of Zalvino’s Hippie House described the market as a “great way for people to get their stuff out in the market and really get their stuff shown” while Eric Koellener of Baby Oliver Crafts says that for some small businesses, marketplaces like these are vital. Many like him are just starting out, and the marketplaces are a way to get exposure for local communities.

For some, markets like these are escapes from corporate work, such as Jaclyn Metz of Yes And Goods who shared her story with us: “I worked hr at a huge fashion brand in New York city, and I really didn’t like my job, and all day I would dream about doing events like this.”

Local marketplaces like these also serve as a tool for vendors to stay connected with thier craft and community, Metz continues: “I meet the coolest people, I get to do what I’m passionate about.”

The Captain’s Vintage organizes Punk Rock Flea Markets three or four times per year, so keep an eye on them for the next one.

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